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When you partner with Mar-Leigh Enviromental, you’re choosing to work with a team of experienced, collaborative professionals that offer local relevance and practical solutions to enable responsible development.

Mar-Leigh Environmental Consultants knows western Canada. It’s where we live and work, and it’s always been that way. With our main office strategically located in Edmonton, Alberta, we’re always ready to identify opportunities and support our clients.
Our partners and clients trust us to provide a wide range of professional services, and our approach is to always offer thoughtful, highly practical environmental solutions and consistent, timely results.
Our team members are knowledgeable, collaborative, trustworthy and professional. Yet our greatest strength has always been our local field experience and the valuable connections we’ve built in the communities we serve. We don’t just know how to find our clients development projects on a map, we call these places home.  Mar-Leigh Environmental Consultants has always been mindful of its responsibility to facilitate sustainable use of the environment in the best interests of our clients and their stakeholders. From Transmission line Projects and Sub Station Projects to interprovincial pipeline projects, Forestry General Development plans, and Water Advisory Plans, Waste Transfer Statioins.  Clients have relied on us to successfully steward their projects from inception through approval to completion since  2011.




Mar-Leigh Enviromental

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Marvin Ward


Marvin John Ward ( White Wolf Eagle Cries) is a proud member of  the Enoch Cree Nation.  From birth in 1955 to present has overcome many trials and tribulations and its through those trials and tribulations where White Wolf Eagle Cries has come to a place in his life where the outdoors are a second home to him where he feels freedom, a solice that creator mother earth has given through trees, lakes, streams, and wildlife.  A place where as First Nation Peoples feel most connected with ones roots and hearitage, and as an elder in the community Marvin Ward feels it necessary  to educate the youth in the adverse affects that those have on mother earth if continued negligence continues. For we as protectors of the land are only given one Mother Earth.  With over 30+ years in  the community Relations Sector as a Manager for the Enoch Rec Center.  Marvin Ward Has Various Trainig certificates through out his Career involvement in his Community, WHIMIS, First  Aid, Enviromental Monitor Certificate.  etc

​Vice President

Leigh ann Ward

A proud mother, Daughter and certified tree hugger. Leigh Ann has completed her business management Diploma through YellowHead Tribal College and Athabasca University.  Leigh Ann has also completed Enviromental Monitor Program through ECO Canada.  As well started the Indigenous Enviromental Stewardship and Reclamation Program, with some GIS and GPS training through the Uof A faculty of Extension Land Resource Management Program.  Leigh Ann Ward has numerous training and certification under her belt that comprises of Job Safety, WHMIS, Ground Disturbance-Level 1, First Aid, Bear awareness, and H2S, as well as numerous Safety Certification through diffrent Oil and Gas Companies.  Leigh Ann is a proud mother of 2 children, 2 step children, a significant other, as well as 2 little dogs.  Leigh Ann Ward resides in Enoch Cree Nation and is an outdoorsy type of woman,  Leigh Ann is a First Nation Cree woman with over 6 years experience working in the Enviromental Sector.