​Mar-Leigh Enviromental



Site Monitoring

Environmental monitoring technicians observe the environment and the impacts of human and industrial activities on the environment. There are two areas of specialization for environmental monitoring technicians: regulatory and research. Regulatory monitors are responsible for monitoring the activities of industry to ensure project terms and conditions are met, whereas research monitors assist technicians and technologists in monitoring factors of the environment, for example wildlife counts, surveys, or sampling. Environmental monitoring technicians communicate valuable information to stakeholders to work toward mitigating negative environmental impacts.

Enviromental Impact Assessment

Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA or EA's) are assessments that identify the consequences of a plan, policy, program or Porject developments. During an EIA or EA a full forensic assessment is completed on the environment historically, pre 

Safety Assessment

Site Safe Assessment’s are a non-intrusive site investigation designed to assess the environmental condition of a site and/or building(s).  It assesses the risk of potential environmental liability at a property associated with current or historical activities at the site and neighboring properties.  It includes a historical review, site visit and personal interviews.

Wildlife Project Impact

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Services We Offer:

                M.EC Provides services to enhance the proteection and perservation of First Nations Lands and territories.
                Experienced and certefied First Natios Individuals that have knowledge in. 

  • First Nations Land Consultation

  • Enviromental Monitoring

  • Consultation Office Development

  • project management

  • Enviromental impact Assessment

  • Traditionl land Use Studies

  • TraditionalEcological Knowledge Assessments

  • Project Construction Monitoring 

  • Project negotiations

  • Land-Use Planning

  • First Nations Research and Development

  • First Nations Land Use Interviews

  • Construction Flagging and fencing

  • project remediation-safety Assessment, Etc

  • First Nations Land Sensitive Monitoring
  • GPS & GIS Assistance